No CrossFit Box? No Excuse! My 100 Burpees-A-Day Challenge

Can’t get to a CrossFit box? That’s no excuse to not exercise!

I’ll admit I have been getting a bit lazy on my travels, so I have set myself a challenge: 100 burpees a day. No, I won’t be filming myself every day (I don’t want to bore you to tears!) but here’s my first attempt. It took me less than 8 minutes. My goal is to beat my PR of 6 mins 30 sec.

Why burpees? Because I LOVE THEM. (Yes, really).

Any why do I love them so? It’s not just because I’m short! Burpees are simple, quick and effective. They work your entire body and get your heart rate pumping super quickly. And you can do them in a space the size of a yoga mat. Perfect!

Tips for efficient burpees:

  • Shoot your feet straight out behind you. Don’t waste time and energy squatting down.
  • Avoid using your arms too much on the way down. Drop as quickly to the floor as you can (without cracking your chin open)
  • Jump your feet in close to your hands, with legs as straight as possible.
  • Don’t land in a squat, this will only tire out your legs!

How am I sticking to my daily challenge?

Turns out I’m not great at pushing myself physically when I’m used to having coaches and fellow exercise fanatics do it for me. When I was CrossFitting, all I had to do was show up to the sessions and I’d be guaranteed an awesome workout.

Now, I’m up to my own devices. So, I’m  using the Lift App to help me through this challenge. It’s an app that uses coaching, community and data to help you track your progress, keep you motivated and reach your goals. I’m only just getting started, so I can’t report on its effectiveness just yet, but there’s always room for another post!

Anyway, if you want to join me on this 100 burpee-a-day challenge, sign up for Lift, join the “100 burpees per day” group, and say hi! Let’s keep each other accountable 🙂

In the meantime, yay for burpees!