The 30 Day Blogging Challenge Post Wrap-Up

30 day blogging challenge wrap up christina canters

I did it! I made it through the 30 Day Blogging Challenge mostly unscathed.

Honestly, it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. It’s interesting how when you get intro a rhythm and a daily habit, things become easier.

When I started, I had a bunch of ideas for articles, which helped to build momentum in the first week. But as the challenge went on, my articles became more of a reflection on my daily experiences and lessons.

Some articles I’m super proud of, others not so much. But hey, I managed to get them out, which was the most important part.

Here’s a list of all the articles I published:

Day 1: The 30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day 2: How I got a refund from Lyft…with a single tweet
Day 3: What living next to a demolition site taught me about empathy
Day 4: Why you need constraint in your life
Day 5: My Thoughts On The American Dining Experience
Day 6: 16 Things I’ve Done So Far In 2016
Day 7: You don’t have to be great to get started
Day 8: “So Christina, what do you actually do?”
Day 9: Has writing for business killed my creative mojo?
Day 10: The 3 triggers that changed my life
Day 11: My top 5 non-pretentious Melbourne cafes
Day 12: What Rainbow Serpent taught me about life
Day 13: Facebook: to friend or not to friend?
Day 14: How to be Filipino
Day 15: How I work
Day 16: How I generate ideas
Day 17: “It’s not a tumor!” and other movie lines I never understood until now
Day 18: How to take the next step – even if you don’t feel ‘ready’
Day 19: Today I embrace the struggle
Day 20: How do you ‘show up’ in life?
Day 21: Lessons learned from blogging every day for 21 days
Day 22: Morgan Freeman doesn’t give a shit…and neither should you
Day 23: My personal word crimes
Day 24: Two types of people
Day 25: Why we get addicted (and how to change it)
Day 26: My thoughts on minimalism
Day 27: Small hinges swing big doors
Day 28: Gaining perspective on my morning commute
Day 29: How to do the important stuff you “don’t have time for”
Day 30: Be aware of your blind spots