How I Packed for 6 Months of Travel in my Minaal Carry-On Bag

Hi there friends!

I am very excited to be writing to you all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland. Yes, Iceland!! If you’re wondering, no, it’s NOT covered in ice. It’s summer here, so it’s about 12 degrees C during the day. Slightly chillier than the muggy 30 degree weather I left in New York City, but it’s beautiful and crisp. (And no, I haven’t seen any elves yet.)

I’ll be on the road for the next 6 months or so, and I decided to set myself a challenge – NO CHECKED LUGGAGE. That’s right, I’m culling my crap, packing light and taking only two small bags as hand luggage – my Minaal carry-on and a laptop bag.

I heard about the Minaal bag through Dan Andrews of Tropical MBA. It was a originally a Kickstarter project by a couple of Kiwi guys, Doug and Jimmy, who wanted to “create products that make travelling faster, happier and more productive.”

I liked the sound of that! So I got myself a bag, and, upon seeing its teeny tiny proportions, started throwing my unnecessary stuff out the window (thanks to the Minaal team for the tip šŸ˜› )

Eventually, this is what I ended up with:

Christina Canters Kips and Kale travel packing minaal carry on

Watch the video to see how I managed to fit everything in šŸ™‚

Watch this space for my upcoming adventures at CrossFit Reykjavik!