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Paleo Pasta + The Niftiest Kitchen Gadget You Need Right Now (Bonus: It Costs Less Than $3!)

Do you love pasta but don’t like the bloated, stodgy feeling you get after eating it? I know exactly how you feel. If I eat pasta I generally need to lie down after, plus I crave sugar from ingesting all that addictive starch. Ugh. Well I’m in love with a cool gadget that totally solves […]

No-Bake Paleo Chocolate Protein Bars

Have you been looking for the perfect post-workout snack? Something that will refuel your system and taste delicious but without all that artificial crap found in most convenience foods? Well I gots the perfect recipe for ya: No-Bake Paleo Chocolate Protein Bars. Yum! A few weeks back at the Affiliate Allstars CrossFit competition, when we […]

Paleo Brekkie-To-Go + How To Make Instant Smoothies

Hello to all Paleo ninjas/enthusiasts/wannabes/has-beens/never-beens and almost-theres… I’m excited to share this breakfast idea with you because, as we know, it is THE most important meal of the day, especially if you’re up before the crack of dawn to get down to Crossfit-U for some morning ass-whipping. I’ve posted before on how much I love […]

Noodles, Rice, Roti: A Malaysian Food Safari

Hello readers! I am currently flying back to Melbourne from a glorious 9-day holiday in Malaysia. I departed on the final day of the Paleo Challenge (unintentionally well-timed!), so I dutifully packed a chicken salad for the plane along with some almonds and carrot sticks. I felt very proud of my diligent self, but was […]

Paleo May – The Final Countdown

So it’s the final week of the Crossfit-U Paleo Challenge – I’ve survived 27 days of eating only animal protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. With only 5 days to go, I thought I’d do a quick assessment of my experience so far. Firstly – what’s been the easiest part of the challenge for me? Cutting out processed food and […]