We Quit Sugar – And This Is What Happened

I’m writing this post from my perch at St Ali, a rather fancy cafe in South Melbourne. How fancy, you ask? Check it out: they have coffee ‘meal deals’ such as the ‘Barista Breakfast’ ($10 taster of 3 coffees) or the ‘St Ali Coffee Adventure’ ($20 for 6 coffees. For hardcore non-migrainey narcoleptics only). Plus, your […]

WTF Wednesday: Medjool Dates

There’s a scene in my favourite silly movie of all time, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, where the incorrigible Sheriff of Rottingham says to Maid Marian: “We have exotic foods from across the seas. Coconuts, bananas…and dates. Care for a date?” Maid Marian: “Yes, thank you…” Sheriff: “How about next Thursday!” Love it. WTF are medjool […]

Paleo Pasta + The Niftiest Kitchen Gadget You Need Right Now (Bonus: It Costs Less Than $3!)

Do you love pasta but don’t like the bloated, stodgy feeling you get after eating it? I know exactly how you feel. If I eat pasta I generally need to lie down after, plus I crave sugar from ingesting all that addictive starch. Ugh. Well I’m in love with a cool gadget that totally solves […]