Welcome to kips&kale. I’ve started this blog mainly to document my progress through the Paleo May Challenge that Alex and Ben at Crossfit-U West Melbourne have initiated. I’m always up for a challenge, so I said yes, I’m in! While the enthusiasm and support from the Crossfit crew has been amazing in the lead-up, I decided the only way I will truly stick to this is by telling everyone about it. And I guess the internet  pretty much counts as everyone these days, right?

The blog is named kips&kale after two of my favourite things. For non-Crossfitters, a kip is a  swinging gymnastics move that enables you to generate momentum and power to do cool stuff like launching yourself off the parallel bars (if you feel so inclined). I like kips because I can do them. What I can’t do, however, is use the kipping motion to do a pull-up. Hence, goal #1 for 2013.

Those who know me well will tell you that I eat veggies by the bucket load. Kale is one of my favourites. You may also know it as ‘Tuscan cabbage’ or ‘black cabbage’. It comes in big bunches, it’s cheap, and you can blend it into smoothies, use it in curries or casseroles, eat it raw in salads or bake it to make crispy chips. Amazing!

So I hope you enjoy reading about my day-to-day endeavors. I’ll not only be posting about the Paleo Challenge, but also fun recipes, links to amazing resources, my marathon mission, and perhaps some random daily thoughts. I promise not to get too self-indulgent…

See you at the next post,