Healthy Smoothies WILL Change Your Life! Interview with Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living

Meet Farnoosh Brock. She is an entrepreneur, published author and yoga devotee who helps people find their passion and live their dreams at She also happens to be a green smoothie addict…just like me!

In fact, she believes so passionately in the healing and rejuvenating power of healthy smoothies that she has written a book called The Healthy Smoothie Bible. Now that’s dedication to the spinach gods!

In this video, you will discover:

  • How Farnoosh revolutionised her own health through drinking healthy smoothies
  • Why green smoothies are a great way to start building healthy eating habits
  • Why smoothies make consuming vegetables WAY easier than eating a huge bowl of salad!
  • Farnoosh’s two things you need to know about blending:
    1. It’s EASY and ACCESSIBLE to everyone
    2. It’s FUN, as you get to experiment!
  • How to fix a ‘smoothie fail’
  • You DON’T need an expensive Vitamix blender to start your smoothie habit
  • …plus much more!

I also challenge Farnoosh to a game of ‘Guess the Green’ (at 15.55) – you may just discover a new vegetable to use in your next smoothie!

(Note: due to some technical issues, Farnoosh’s video froze up, so you’ll just have to stare at my face. Sorry about that.)

What did I think about The Healthy Smoothie Bible?


Farnoosh asked if I’d like to review her book, which of course I was more than happy to do (plus, who could say no to a free copy?!)

Looking at the cover, I assumed this was a recipe book, and yes, there are plenty of recipes. But Farnoosh isn’t playing around – this really is a smoothie bible!

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about healthy smoothies is in here, plus everything you didn’t know you needed to know.

Check out some of the chapters:

’19 Massive Benefits of A Smoothie Lifestyle’, ‘The Scoop on the Greens for Your Smoothies’, ‘What Not to Add to Your Smoothies’, ‘Smoothie Tools of the Trade’, ‘Tips on Freezing Your Fruits’, ‘Finding Your Perfect Blender’…

See? But what I love most is that Farnoosh writes with such joy and passion it’s impossible NOT to believe that drinking a green smoothie a day will change your life!

Who is the book for?

If you squirm at the thought of drinking your spinach, take a deep breath, Farnoosh is here to help. She breaks down the basics of smoothie-making and shares simple steps on how to start building a smoothie habit. She encourages you to find what works for you, to start slowly, and to work to simple ingredient ‘formulas’ (ie fruit + fruit + green) as opposed to a strict recipe. I like that!

If you’re a seasoned smoothie drinker, you’ll still learn plenty of new tricks. I thought I knew green smoothies, but after reading the book I discovered:

+ The importance of switching up your ingredients (I think I was on a banana/bok choy/ginger run for a good 6 months…)

+ Banana and berries aren’t the only fruits that can be frozen. You can freeze chunks of mango, peaches, figs, avocado and pineapple too!

+ You should drink your smoothie SLOWLY. I am a massive culprit for gulping them down. Maybe I’ll invest in a packet of jumbo straws…

So whether you’re just starting out or already a smoothie enthusiast, I know you’ll totally be inspired by Farnoosh and her passion for helping you reach a new level of health through green smoothies.

You can grab The Healthy Smoothie Bible book in any major bookstore or online through the links on this page:

A smoothie recipe from Farnoosh:

This is great for beginners and/or if you’re doing a Paleo challenge! Just blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Recipe #4: Nutty Berry Prospect

1 large frozen banana3 large frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
2 cups fresh baby spinach
1 cup filtered water
1 tbsp peanut butter (or almond butter if you’re avoiding legumes)

Mm, delicious greens!


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