This Week I…Fail At Hitchhiking

Have you ever hitchhiked before?

I had never tried it, based on the obvious dangers for a single female traveller. Besides, I always like to know where I’m going, how I’m getting there and how long it will take. Call me a control freak, but I’m not one for getting lost and/or stranded in a foreign land!

But last week, I decided to challenge myself.

I had been doing some HelpX work (doing a few hours of building/gardening/cooking etc in exchange for accommodation and food) in Son en Breugel, a village near Eindhoven in the south of Holland. I was headed to Amsterdam and decided to give hitchhiking a go. Why? It wasn’t that I’m too cheap to pay for a train – I just wanted to test my own patience and experience the sort of vulnerability you can only get from standing by the side of the road with nothing but a sign and your faith in humanity.

(Mum and Dad, you’re probably not going to be too happy.)

Just to be clear, this ISN’T something I would just do anywhere. I’d been told that the area was pretty safe, so if I was going to attempt hitchhiking anywhere, it may as well be here. Doesn’t mean there’s no risk involved, but I was willing to trust my judgment when the time came. And Amsterdam was less than a 2 hour drive away, so I figured someone had to be heading there for work on a Friday morning, right? Right?!

So I parked myself near the entrance to the road to Amsterdam, faced the oncoming traffic with my hand-scrawled sign and did my best to look friendly yet confident. And then I waited.

Watch the video to find out more 🙂

Hopefully that’s the last of my hitchhiking adventures. I believe it’s mostly plane travel for me from now on. I’m in Berlin for the next few weeks, and it’s bloody hot! I’m working my face off, so hopefully I should be blogging (and burpee-ing) more frequently. Rock on, guys!