How I got a refund from Lyft…with a single tweet

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago to speak at the Podcast Movement conference.

Walking around the city, I was handed a coupon card by a guy from Lyft (the car ride competitor to Uber). He said “Free first ride for new Lyft customers, up to 60 minutes!”

I thought ‘Yess, I’ll take a Lyft to the airport.’ Gotta love a freebie, right?

So I downloaded the Lyft app, popped in my payment details (which are required, free ride or no – that’s how they suck you in, right?) and entered the coupon code.

I had a lovely ride to the airport with a very chatty lady driver, and when she dropped me off, my phone screen read: “Total for this ride: $29.18”.


What happened to my free ride? My driver said “Don’t worry, just email them, they’ll sort it out.”

So I emailed them the next day to ask if they could kindly refund me the $29.18, as I was told I had a free ride and that was the reason I even signed up with Lyft.

I received a prompt reply, saying the coupon deal was actually “$5 off your next 10 rides”, and if I had any further concerns to let them know.

I wrote back to say that, yes, I did have a further concern – I had been completely misled by the Lyft representative. I was told I had a free ride – so I’d appreciate a full refund, thank you.

The next reply misspellt my name (“Chrintina”? Really?), and informed me that “at this stage, we can not issue refunds. We hope your next experience with Lyft is a pleasant one. If you have any other concerns, please let us know.”

Ok. Firstly, there will be no “next experience” with Lyft. And second, I STILL HAVE CONCERNS. INCLUDING THE ONE YOU REFUSED TO HELP ME WITH.

I was about to give them a mouthful via email, but then I had a better idea. I tweeted them.

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