Lessons Learned From A ‘Faileo’

Faileo [fay-lee-oh] :

[verb] To consume foods or ingredients that do not adhere to Paleo guidelines whilst following the Paleo Diet.

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. Let’s call her ‘X’. She is also doing the CFU Paleo Challenge this month.

Four days into the challenge, X hosted a small gathering at her house. She knew she had to be prepared, so she made plenty of Paleo-friendly party snacks. However as the night wore on, the alcohol flowed and X couldn’t resist a few cheeky shots of vodka.

The next afternoon, X managed to crawl out of bed and drag herself to the local cafe in dire need of some sustenance. The poached eggs and salmon arrived at the table atop a tantalisingly thick, crusty slice of sourdough.

X took one weary look at the forbidden piece of carby goodness and realised that the only way to ease the nightmarish throbbing in her head would be to eat the whole damn thing.

So she did.

Now, if this story sounds anecdotal to you, then congratulations. You’re absolutely right, it was me who was about to pass out in that cafe.

There’s a reason the Paleo Challenge is called a challenge: it’s not meant to be easy! In fact, it’s a damn hard thing to stick to! Of course we’re going to be tested by our friends (boozy nights at the pub), family (“But I made this lasagna especially for you!”) and colleagues (oh man, there were vol-au-vents eyeballing me at morning tea yesterday. Arrgghh!)

And occasionally we’re going to slip up. But you know what? It’s ok.

He’ll bounce back for sure

At Crossfit, I often get frustrated with myself when I fail at lifting a particularly heavy weight, or if I can’t get the co-ordination to do double-unders, or when I have yet another go at kipping pull-ups and they still elude me.

But as Cheongy says: every fail makes you stronger. Even if you don’t get the lift or the pull-up or whatever, you’re still strengthening those muscles that will eventually get you there.


Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Beckett


So as you’re making your way through the Paleo Challenge, be kind to yourself. If you do slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Just accept that it happened, and move on. In fact, treat it as an experiment. How did your body respond to the sugar/dairy/bread/etc? Was it in a positive or negative way? You may find that you don’t even miss certain foods anymore!

So just remember how you felt, and simply learn for next time. For me, I’ve learned to not put myself into situations where I know a faileo will be inevitable.

So keep up the enthusiasm everyone, and continue sharing your delicious Paleo creations. (In fact, I believe my next post may be about The Great Paleo Tim Tam Challenge…should be interesting!)

Has anyone else experienced a faileo yet? If not, you have my utmost admiration!