Lessons learned from blogging every day for 21 days

christina canters blogging challenge day 21

I’m on the home stretch.

Only 9 more days to go in my 30 Day Blogging Challenge. It still seems like a lot of articles to write — but considering this is my 21st article in 21 days, I guess 9 isn’t too bad.

It’s 8.30pm. I’ve just finished a bunch of voice over jobs, I’m cooking a casserole and Aaron wants to bake a cake tonight, so I’m squeezing in this blog post in between activities; hopefully I can still make it to bed by 10pm! #unlikely

Anyway, as I’m short on time, I thought I’d do a quick and dirty recap of lessons I’ve learned so far from the blogging challenge. Here we go:

1. Putting the pressure on has taken the pressure off

I thought I’d freak out having to publish an article every day. But surprisingly, knowing that I have to post every day means that I can’t waste time or energy trying to make a post ‘perfect’. I know I can’t possibly write an unbelievable, in-depth, mind-blowing article every single day, so if I’m pressed for time I’m like “Oh well, just pick an easy topic and get something out.”

It’s nice to know that my inner perfectionist has been wrangled to the ground (for the time being).

2. Writing is about rhythm, not inspiration

Forcing myself to write every day has made it a habit. And coming up with ideas for articles has become much easier. I’m also aware, however, that once this challenge is over, writing will be very easy not to do. So I know I’ll need to keep the rhythm up and maintain my writing efforts. Even if it’s not a whole article a day, at least I would have written something. 

3. You can inspire others without even knowing

I started this challenge on my own, but have since attracted a crew of 4 other blogging buddies. I had no intention of inspiring others with my efforts, but it turns out that other people had wanted to do the same challenge, but needed a little bit of inspiration to get started.

4. You find time you never knew you had

I used to say “I don’t have time to blog!” but now I look for pockets of time where I can eek out a paragraph or two. Usually it’s the 20 minutes on the tram, or while I’m waiting for dinner to cook. I’ve learned that if you’re really dedicated to something, you somehow find time.

Anyway, I know I’ve learned a bunch more, but I’ll save those for a later post. Plus, it’s time for dinner. (I still have my priorities in check, don’t you worry!)