WTF is Skyr?

Ok, it’s not Wednesday, but I still want to do a WTF for you 🙂 One thing I love about travelling is experiencing the local cuisine. But as I try to stay healthy as much as I can, I like to hit the local supermarkets to buy lots of lovely fresh ingredients to cook with. […]

No-Bake Paleo Chocolate Protein Bars

Have you been looking for the perfect post-workout snack? Something that will refuel your system and taste delicious but without all that artificial crap found in most convenience foods? Well I gots the perfect recipe for ya: No-Bake Paleo Chocolate Protein Bars. Yum! A few weeks back at the Affiliate Allstars CrossFit competition, when we […]

Paleo Brekkie-To-Go + How To Make Instant Smoothies

Hello to all Paleo ninjas/enthusiasts/wannabes/has-beens/never-beens and almost-theres… I’m excited to share this breakfast idea with you because, as we know, it is THE most important meal of the day, especially if you’re up before the crack of dawn to get down to Crossfit-U for some morning ass-whipping. I’ve posted before on how much I love […]