You don’t have to be great to get started

blogging challenge you don't have to be great to get started christina canters

I created this blog in May 2013 to help me through my first Paleo challenge.

I figured writing publicly about the experience would give me the best chance of success.

I named the blog ‘Kips and Kale: the adventures of an aspiring Crossfit ninja’. ‘Kips’ was for the swinging pullup movement we do in Crossfit, and ‘kale’ was for the green leafy vegetable.

Initially, I had planned to only blog during the Paleo challenge.

But after it finished, I toyed with the idea of keeping the blog going. However, I didn’t see the point.

I remember telling my housemate at the time: “There are SO many health and fitness blogs out there. Why would anyone want to read mine?”

And she replied with something I’ll never forget:

“Christina, initially, the people who will read your blog will be your friends and family. And they’ll read it because they know you, and they’ll want to hear what you have to say.

They may not be the types of people to go and find health blogs themselves, because it’s not a topic they’re very interested in. But they’ll read YOUR blog because it’s YOU. And you may introduce them to a whole new topic they would have never been exposed to otherwise.”

And with that, I got started.

I wrote healthy recipe articles. I wrote about running. I wrote about lessons I learned from Crossfit.

As time went on, I started to write less about health, and more about life lessons. I surveyed my readers, and asked what types of posts they wanted from me. I was certain that because they’d started reading my stuff for the health posts, they wanted more health posts.

Turns out, they didn’t mind. They just liked ME.

And with that, my confidence grew.

6 months after starting my blog, I had an idea to start a podcast. Yes, it was challenging putting my voice ‘out there’, but I was already comfortable with putting myself ‘out there’ through blogging – so it was a relatively small next step.

So I launched my first podcast, publishing weekly episodes of both guest interviews and solo shows. I received a bunch of positive reviews, and even got my first paid speaking gig out of it.

And with that, my confidence grew.

After I had been podcasting for a few months, I gave video a go. I was feeling pretty good about the whole podcasting thing – so why not?

I was travelling at the time, so I had a lot of sources of inspiration.

I made a video about hitchhiking. I made video invitations for other podcasters. I made a video reviewing my favourite travel bag.

My YouTube channel now has over 100,000 views. Not bad for someone who used to hate seeing herself on video!

And you know the funny thing?

Every so often, I get people saying things like: “You’re so naturally confident on video” and “I’m not like you, I could never sing in public” and “It’s easy for you, you’re a natural” and so on.

The thing they don’t realise is I’m not a “natural” at these things.

It’s the result of putting myself out there, doing on thing after another, and slowing building my confidence and skill level.

I only went busking because I’d built up confidence from doing videos. I only did videos because I’d built up confidence from podcasting. I only started podcasting because I’d built up confidence from blogging.

I wasn’t great at any of those things when I started. But the important thing is that I got started. 



I can’t encourage you enough to just get started on whatever that thing is you want to do.

Blogging. Videos. Cooking. Photography. Crochet. Whatever. So what if it’s outside your comfort zone?

Just start.

Don’t worry, you’ll most likely suck when you start. But then as you do more of it, you suck a little bit less. And a little bit less. And you’ll build up the confidence to move on the to next thing (which, again, you’ll suck at).

But as you keep going, you’ll suck a little bit less. And then a little bit less. And before you know it, you’ll be doing things you never ever imagined yourself doing previously.

(And people will be convinced you’re a “natural”. It’s ok. You and I will know the truth ;))