I’m Christina Canters – and I’m here to help you impact more people in your career, team and organisation.

Thanks for stopping by!

Allow me to introduce myself:

  • I’m a 30-something based in Melbourne, Australia
  • I live with my gorgeous husband (who is also my business partner)
  • We have a beautiful baby girl (well, toddler now)
  • I run two businesses – The C Method (communication skills training) and Podcast Services Australia (podcast development & training)
  • I’m also an MC – I make sure your audience stays energised and excited for whatever speaker or entertainer is up next!
  • I used to be an Architect – I quit my job in 2014 to pursue more meaningful work, which led to the creation of my businesses
  • I’ve lived in London, Thailand, New York and travelled extensively around Europe, North America and Asia
  • My hair colour changes every few months
  • Fun fact: I was once a travel model for Busabout Tours
  • Things that light me up: spending time with family, throwing festivals, rummaging for unique finds in op shops, speaking on stage, dancing, red lipstick, inspiring others.

This is my personal website, where you’ll find the blog I started waaay back in 2014. I’ll occasionally keep it updated with new thoughts and meanderings that don’t quite fit into ‘podcasting’ or ‘communication’…but it will be very irregular.

If you want to connect with me, LinkedIn is the best place. Click here to connect and say hi.

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